Every Monday morning I spend an hour with the Grade 1 class at my son’s primary school listening to the kids read one on one. While I was there this morning the teacher was instructing the rest of the grade on how to write a poem. The example provided was about the colour green. The kids then had to pick another colour as a class and they brainstormed that colour. They chose red. They had to think of all the things that look, feel, taste and smell red. Afterwards, they were each sent off to spend some time compiling their poems.

Although I passed grade 1 a long time ago, I liked this idea and decided I want to write a “red” poem too. So here goes…

Red is the colour of passion.

Red is the feeling of heat prickling my skin.

Red is the smell of blood.

Red is the colour of the sun.

Red is a kiss.

Red is cheeks blushing with embarrassment.

Red is the smell of roses on Valentine’s day.

Red is strawberries floating in champagne.

Red sky

Red sky (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Red is a wound, fresh and oozing.

Red is fireworks, exploding across the sky.

Red is the colour of love.


Happy Thursday!

My partner came home last night with a bunch of flowers. He presented them to me and said “Happy Wednesday!”

My birthday was on Monday and he didn’t bring me flowers then (although I was very spoilt all day long in many other ways). When he gave me the flowers I thought it was such a lovely gesture. It meant that I got to be appreciated for no other reason then it was today.

Earlier yesterday I was reading Rarasaur’s post about 11/12/13. You can read it here. When I read this post I was thinking just how special every day is. The flowers and my partners reason for giving them confirmed this even more.

So I wanted to share the feeling and remind you only live every day once and they are all as special as each other in some way. So,

Happy Thursday Everyone!