What Happened to the Courtesy Wave?

I have noticed lately that some people just do not know the rules regarding the courtesy wave. In fact, in some areas the courtesy wave seems to have disappeared altogether. This really gets under my skin.

It is quite simple. When a driver waits pulls over to let you pass or holds back so that you can move into their lane, you need to raise your hand to give a little wave. It may not be written in the legislation, but it probably should be.

Too many people are just not understanding what is required. Maybe people are more ignorant or maybe they don’t understand common decency.

Although, I don’t really care why people don’t understand, there are really no excuses.

Of course, I’m sure all my readers are polite and wave when someone kindly delays their driving journey briefly to put their needs first. I know you are all kind enough to acknowledge these small but important gestures. I just wish everyone else was like you…


Why Do I Care?

I have found myself wondering a lot lately what other people think of me. I worry that they won’t like my work or the way I behaved on my days out. I worry that they won’t like me for who I am, or worse, that they don’t know who I am. Most of all, I worry that people think I am stupid or not good enough.

But why do I care so much? My logic side tells me that if people don’t like me, so what? They are no better or worse than me and it shouldn’t matter what they think. If they don’t want to be my friends or like my work, it shouldn’t matter. There are others who will.

But I do care. I can’t help myself. I don’t know why.