Creative Living, is it Possible?

I came to a realisation recently. I am simply not made for a 9 to 5 office job. I find myself going stir crazy caught up in the daily humdrum of office life.

At first I thought it was the work hours that was putting me off. Maybe it is. I think the real thing that makes me go bonkers is the lack of creativity. Sure, I can come up with new business strategies or present information in exciting ways, but it just isn’t what I’m after.

I want to be surrounded by colour and inspiration. I want to work with ideas and get lost in projects that are full of arts and crafts.

But the problem is, I also want to earn enough money for my family to live comfortably.

I have looked at different career paths but can’t find one for me. I think I’d prefer a lot of odd jobs here and there. I don’t really want to go back to permanent work.

Can I have my cake and eat it?


The Enigma of the Beach

I love the beach. It doesn’t matter what the weather, the beach never fails to fill me with wonder.

As I walk across the sand, I think of those who may have walked here before me. I wonder where they were going. I imagine their lives and the thoughts they had as they walked across the sand.

When I see single footprints I wonder who they belong to. Why were they walking alone? Were they pondering life in the same way that I do? Would we get along if we had the chance to meet? Are they like me?

When I look out to the ocean I am mesmerised by the enigma. What is the world beneath the waves like?

Although I know they are not real, I imagine mermaids swimming through reefs. I imagine halos of sun streaming through the water and engulfing their world.

I wonder about those who have crossed the waters. And I think of those who didn’t make it.

When I see the wreckage of vessels that never reached their destinations, I wonder what it was like for those onboard. I picture myself on those majestic ocean liners of yesteryear. I imagine that the ship had all the luxuries of the Titanic.

As I look out across the water, I dream of where I would end up if I travelled across its expanse.  I imagine finding myself in exotic places, surround by riches and treasures. I picture myself immersed in a cultural wonderland.

I also find myself reflecting on times of old. I look at piers and old beach structures and imagine what the world was like when they were erected. There is a sense of romanticism and beauty in my interpretations of years passed.

But it is not just other worlds that the beach makes me think of. Whenever I walk on the beach, I find myself getting lost in my own world. The serenity and beauty of the water causes me to lose myself in reflection. I think of my life as it is. I recount my dreams. I long for the dreams that have not yet been reached. I smile at those that have.

I don’t know why it is, but for me the beach is a myriad enigmas. It makes me dream of other worlds and reflect deeply into my own.