Rainy Day Fun

We are at our caravan this weekend. It is nice to be away but unfortunately the weather is pretty ordinary.

The kids were starting to be a little bored and restless. I was trying to think of something (besides TV) for them to do in a small space. Then I remembered something I’d seen on Pinterest.

So, we created this race track. My boys loved it and have spent lots of time reinventing it and racing their cars around. Not to mention a pit stop or two. And all it cost me was a couple of rolls of masking tape.

Kids Race Track


Ready for School

My son had his first transition session for school today. He was so excited. He was bouncing around in the car while we took his younger brother to crèche.

When we got to the school, he darted off to the Lego. He was straight into it. Not bothered at all by the new surroundings. The excitement was just too much for him.

I sat with him a little as he built a house out of Lego. The teacher came over to introduce himself. He proudly told her his name and announced that he was going to be at school next year.

After a few minutes, the principal asked for parents to leave. We were to attend an information session. My son looked a little daunted as I told him I was going. I suggested he stay with the other little boy at the table. He just shrugged as I walked off.

After the routine housekeeping information I wandered past the classroom. Through the window I could see him participating in some group activity. He was encouraging another child to participate.

I headed home. Reaching the door I felt rather odd. I am quite used to being home without children. I work from home and my daily routine consists of dropping them off at crèche and returning to get stuck into work. This was different though. It hit me that he had reached a new milestone. He wasn’t a baby anymore. He was my big schoolboy.

Although my son was a head taller than the other new preps, the older children at the school looked so big. It is a prep to 12 college and there were highschool students at the office. They looked huge.

After a coffee at home I tried to do some work to take my mind off it. Every 2 seconds I looked at the clock, eagerly anticipating the time to collect him.

I was back at the school well before the pick up time. I stood on the steps and peered through the window. He was sitting alone, deeply entranced in constructing a race car. I watched him as he left his car to play musical instruments with his new friends. They then had a group song before the session ended.

When he walked out, he was beaming. He showed me the bookmark he made and asked if he could eat his lunch out of a lunchbox today like the school kids do. He even asked if he could go back tomorrow and seemed genuinely disappointed that he couldn’t.

He is definitely ready for school. I’m just not sure that I am.

Ready, Aim, Fire! Big Boys Stand Up to Pee

My son is a big boy now, or so he tells me. Being a big boy, he has decided that he should no longer sit on the toilet to pee.

Big boys stand up,” he says.

I am so proud of the way he is growing. I love watching him develop and try new things. I smile every time he reaches new heights.

But I was much happier when he sat down to wee.

Big boys may stand up, but I guess you have to be much bigger to have good aim. Each time I visit the toilet, I am now confronted with a puddle of wee on the floor around the toilet.

I have heard that one method is to put a ball in the toilet and get them to try to aim for it. I’m not sure that I like the idea of getting the ball out after each attempt though.

I certainly don’t want to discourage him from standing up to wee. It took us a long time to get him to do so.

He was quite easy to toilet train. We didn’t start until he was a little over two so he was very ready. We had him fully trained in a week. He got the concept within a day or two and has had only a few minor accidents since.

Nighttime is a bit of a different story though. He still struggles to hold it all night.

But for a long time he just would not pee standing up.

One stressful car trip to the country ended in disaster because he wouldn’t pee standing up. He was only just 3 at the time. We were nearly at our destination when my son started jiggling around in his car seat.

“Mum, I have to do wee wees,” he said desperately.

“Just hold it for a few minutes sweetie,” I replied glancing cautiously sideways to see the look of annoyance on my partners face.

As his jiggling got more and more agitated and his little face tightened into a pained grimace, we decided it was time to pullover.

Finding a rest area on the side of the road, we raced to get him out of the car. It was a frantic dash to unbuckle seatbelts, put shoes back on, remove mountains of toys and food from his lap and get him to the grass area.

“Mummy, where is my potty?” he asked.

“There isn’t any potty here. You will have to be a big boy and stand up.”

We tried everything. Different locations, holding him, pants fully off, hovering him above the ground, even a quick demonstration of how it was done. It was all to no avail. He simply refused to go.

Being only 10 minutes from a public toilet block, we piled everyone (and everything) back into the car and began the race to the loo.

We had only got 2 minutes from where we had stopped when his hold gave way. You can imagine how thrilled his father was!

In the interest of avoiding any further such incidents, I am pleased that he now can stand up to pee. I am just not thrilled with his lack of aim.

I want to teach him careful aim. Not enough to write his name on the ground, but at least enough to get it in the toilet bowl!

If anyone has any good ideas, please let me know!