Travel Theme: Circles

Here are some circles I found among the old machinery at the Alexandra Timber Tramway Museum.

Steam Engine E Tractor E

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Experience 14: Pomegranate

This week I decided to try another new fruit. I saw the pomegranate on the shelf at my local supermarket. They were right near the entrance and looked interesting.


When I got this fruit home, I had no idea how to eat it or what to do with it. As always, a quick Google search revealed that you first need to score the fruit. You then need to cut it in half.

Pomegranate Half

The colours are spectacular. This really is a beautiful fruit. The gorgeous pinky purple seeds glow like jewels against the white membrane.

The next step is to break the fruit into sections. You then slowly strip away the membrane and keep the seeds. I don’t know if it was just my lack of skill, but this was a time-consuming process. My partner returned to the kitchen some 15 minutes later and asked “are you still doing that?”

One website suggested peeling the fruit in water. Apparently the membrane floats to the top making it easier to separate. Another website said freezing the fruit first can make it easier.

After all this peeling, you are left with a bowl full of pomegranate seeds. They look delicious. They sparkle and glow, looking like a bowl full of pink gemstones.

Pomegranate Seeds

The result is quite tasty. The red, soft part around the seeds is sweet and juicy, while the seeds themselves add a slightly bitter and crunchy taste to it. I did read that some people spit out the seeds. But this seems like even more hard work to me.

All in all I liked this fruit. I just don’t know if it was quite worth all the time that I spent peeling it! Perhaps if there is an easier way it would make the prize a little more worthwhile.

What new experiences have you had this week?

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Shaddow Puppets – An easy and fun activity to do with kids

I was shopping with my kids this morning. As usual, we had to make a stop at the toy shop. This particular store had shadow puppets. Little cut out shapes to hold in front of a light. They wanted $30 for them. I decided that was highway robbery and made my own.

It’s really easy to do and lots of fun. Simply search on Google Images for shapes in a desired theme. I chose space and dinosaurs. These are the ones that I used.



Print off the shapes. They only need to be black and white.

Choose a thick cardboard and tape the print outs to the cardboard.

Cut around each shape. You don’t need to keep the orignal paper, only the cardboard cut out of the shape.

Tape the cut outs to a barbecue skewer. This is how mine looked (sorry, not the best photo).

Place a torch on a chair or table aimed at a blank wall.

Turn off all other lights.

Let the puppet show begin!

Remember to supervise younger children. They may hurt themselves with the skewers.

My kids loved them and had a ball flying rockets and racing dinosaurs across the wall.

To Blog or not to Blog?

So I’ve decided to start a blog. I must admit, the decision was more of a whim than a well-considered plan. In fact, there really isn’t much of a plan at all!

Of course, the lack of planning will perhaps render this blog somewhat incoherent and pointless but I will endeavour to avoid such an outcome. I have no overall theme or topic on which I wish to concentrate and no grand plan or original thoughts to share with the world.

So why blog at all you might ask; and it would be a fair question. The decision to blog came from a desire to crack into the world of professional writing. The more works you have published, the closer you get to success, right? And isn’t publishing on a blog synonymous with other forms of publishing? And thus the logic for starting a blog, however flawed.

After my great epiphany to enhance my portfolio through blogging, I was greatly excited. With enthusiasm, I jumped on to Google and typed in “start a blog”. I am sure you can imagine the number of hits my search yielded. It became quickly apparent just how many blogs and bloggers there actually were. Far too many to actually put a figure on!

The sheer number of blogs begs the question, is there actually any point? I am well aware that the “if you build it, they will come” logic is inherently flawed. So I am starting to wonder: Will anyone actually read my blog? If you publish something and no one reads it, does it really count?

My research into blogging (all five minutes of it) also raised another question: Why do people blog? With so many blogs, focussing on so many aspects of life, surely there were so many more reasons for starting a blog than my own logic. The few blogs that I clicked on looked so well planned and constructed. Surely they were not started on a whim!

Nevertheless, now I have made my decision, I intend to run with it. I have titled my blog ahecticlife, which is reflective of the many tasks I currently juggle. As a working mum I spend my days juggling childcare, swimming lessons and screaming babies with board reports, budgets and internal audits. In my “free time” I like to write short stories and to voice my opinions on the oddities of life. With no other grand plan on what to blog about, I have decided to base my blog on this.

I do hope that somebody reads it and I am assuming that if you have come this far, we could say that I am successful – with you at least! So thank you for helping me get started!

PS – now that you’ve got to here, if you want to answer some of my questions, I’d be grateful for your ideas. They weren’t rhetorical: I am genuinely awed by the concept and rather ignorant of my own topic!