A Quick Lesson in Acronyms

Now I know that I am a little obsessive over this but it really annoys me when people use acronyms incorrectly. The following two examples are my biggest pet hates and they go hand in hand.

ATM Machine

I have had many friends ask me where the nearest ATM machine is. Why is this annoying? ATM stands for automatic teller machine. You are asking me where the automatic teller machine machine is? Now doesn’t that sound wrong?

PIN Number

And when they get to the automatic teller machine machine they will giggle and say “oh, I forgot my PIN number”. Again, why is this wrong? Because PIN stands for personal identification number.

So now, said friend is standing at the automatic teller machine machine trying to remember their personal identification number number. Perhaps if they stopped so much duplication they might be able to remember the four digits!




4 thoughts on “A Quick Lesson in Acronyms

  1. Text speak bothers me as well. A friend of mine recently went to read a story with her nephew. He read the title of the classic book as LOL Dalmatians (as opposed to 101). Now that is a worry!

  2. Oh, I am SO with you on this! Incorrect speech is a huge turn off for me. When I hear people imcorrectly using the I/me pronouns I know I have so little in common with them I don’t bother to speak with them again. Yes, that is totally snobby, but I don’t care! Education is FREE here. All anyone need do is show up and HALF listen. Incorrect use of language tells me these people didn’t care to learn which means I don’t care to know them!
    🙂 I typically don’t rant and rave but you’ve hit on my HUGEST pet peeve!

      • Preach it, sistah-friend!
        You know what has really made all of this worse? The lazy shorthand so many people use while texting! Spelling and grammar mistakes are written off as “oh I was just texting quickly…everyone knows what I meant so what’s the difference?” I recently read in a respected journal (!!!!) that some linguists feel “tech-speak” is an example of language evolving to suit the needs of society. OY! Anything can be rationalized by experts, yeah??

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