Poo Goes in the Toilet!

"Somehow it's more charming in black and ...

“Somehow it’s more charming in black and white.” Toddler seated on toilet with magazine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My 2-year-old (nearly 3 now) has been toilet training for a VERY long time. He is great at staying dry if I demand he visit the bathroom every hour or so. He can hold during his nap time and he even went through the night dry a few times. However, he still has LOTS of accidents.

One of our biggest problems is that he just won’t go poo in the toilet. A few times I’ve noticed him going quiet and disappearing into a corner. Suspecting what he is up to, I’ve thrown him on the toilet just in time.

The rest of the time, I don’t know he needs to go until it is too late. It isn’t until the stench fills the room (or  the change room I’m in, my friend’s house or the café while I’m having coffee) that I notice he has done poo.

We have the same conversation each time I change his bottom. I say “where does poo go?” He tells me, “poo goes in the toilet!” He is so proud that he knows the answer. But why doesn’t the poo go in the toilet? It would be much easier!

I’ve become so desperate that I’ve actually started throwing out his underwear after his soiled himself. If it is a quick, easy removal I’ll tip the contents into a bag and then wash the underwear, but that mushy stuff is all too much. I put him in pull ups for a while. Then I realised that I was paying something like $1.11 per pull up. A 4 pack of underwear at K-Mart only cost me $1. You do the math!

Anyone have any advice on how to get him to go poo in the toilet? My other son trained so quickly that this is all new to me and I am getting so fed up.


7 thoughts on “Poo Goes in the Toilet!

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  2. With both my son and daughter, the poo in the loo was the hardest aspect of toilet training. My son used to ask for a nappy to do a poo, and it wasn’t until he was 3 and a bit when he finally started using the toilet. My daughter took ages as well. and I remember throwing out a few pairs of undies before she learned. Bribery can help, but it will just take time (which doesn’t really help when you’re dealing with a pooey pair of undies). I really feel for you! x

  3. I guess he is feeling your stress about it. I know some boys are slow potty trainees – My advice is to let it go of your thoughts as much as you can and try to put him on the toilet regulary (twice a day) GIVE him something to read when he is sitting there and then let him be on the toilet 10 minutes, Children FEELS the stress around them and you are the anchor of his life so he feels it even more. ( I have had only two girls sorry ) 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice. We do sit him on the toilet quite regularly and try to be as “stress free” about it as possible… Sometimes it is hard though. His dad gets very frustrated at times. We have tried lots of positive reinforcement but the kid just doesn’t seem to get it! I’m sure he will grow out of it one day!

  4. Have you tried offering wrapped presents for poos there? (the surprise factor, not the prize, did it for my son when I didn’t think he could make it there himself). What about role play with a teddy running to the toilet and using raisins/sultanas? I’m sure you have tried a lot…!

    • We have tried lots of rewards and positive reinforcement. We have nearly thrown a party when he actually did make it on the loo. We were that excited! I like the idea of presents though as the surprise element is new.

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