Experience 14: Pomegranate

This week I decided to try another new fruit. I saw the pomegranate on the shelf at my local supermarket. They were right near the entrance and looked interesting.


When I got this fruit home, I had no idea how to eat it or what to do with it. As always, a quick Google search revealed that you first need to score the fruit. You then need to cut it in half.

Pomegranate Half

The colours are spectacular. This really is a beautiful fruit. The gorgeous pinky purple seeds glow like jewels against the white membrane.

The next step is to break the fruit into sections. You then slowly strip away the membrane and keep the seeds. I don’t know if it was just my lack of skill, but this was a time-consuming process. My partner returned to the kitchen some 15 minutes later and asked “are you still doing that?”

One website suggested peeling the fruit in water. Apparently the membrane floats to the top making it easier to separate. Another website said freezing the fruit first can make it easier.

After all this peeling, you are left with a bowl full of pomegranate seeds. They look delicious. They sparkle and glow, looking like a bowl full of pink gemstones.

Pomegranate Seeds

The result is quite tasty. The red, soft part around the seeds is sweet and juicy, while the seeds themselves add a slightly bitter and crunchy taste to it. I did read that some people spit out the seeds. But this seems like even more hard work to me.

All in all I liked this fruit. I just don’t know if it was quite worth all the time that I spent peeling it! Perhaps if there is an easier way it would make the prize a little more worthwhile.

What new experiences have you had this week?

To read more about my experience challenge and experiences, click here. Feel free to join in.

4 thoughts on “Experience 14: Pomegranate

  1. There’s an easier way to eat it. Just cut it in half and then in half again. Then just gob it in your mouth and go *ogmogmph* and then spit out the seeds. and skin. Unless you like seeds…and skin.

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