How Much is Rude?


Money (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

As those of you who follow my blog are aware, I recently started on a new tattoo adventure. You can read about it here. As this is a more prominent tattoo than my earlier ones, a few people have commented on it.

I have received a few questions. Mostly the normal, “where did you get it done?”, “did it hurt?” and “how long did it take?”. These are expected and I am more than happy to respond. By the way, I got it done at Dangerzone Tattoo in Brunswick St, Melbourne, compared to my back it was a walk in the park and so far I’ve spent around 4 hours tattooing.

The question that surprised me was “how much did that set you back?”. This has come from a few people and quite frankly, I find it rude. Perhaps I’m being old-fashioned and over-reacting (it has been known to happen), but I was raised not to ask about money. In my upbringing, asking people how much things cost them was impolite.

I have never said to someone “Ooh! I love your new hairstyle, how much was it?” or “Wow! Nice house, how much did you pay?”. I would never ask someone how much they spent on their dental work or breast augmentation. It just doesn’t seem right.

Now there are some instances when I have popped the “how much?” question. With close friends or family I have pried a little if the item was something I was considering myself. However, I usually started with an explanation of why I was asking and a potential out for the other party. Something like, “actually I’m considering a similar hair style, do you mind if I ask you for a rough guess on how much it will cost me?”. Maybe that’s rude too.

So now I’m in a bother. Am I over-reacting or is it rude to ask how much? What are your thoughts?


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