Breaking into Song: A Soundtrack to My Life

Sometimes I wish that my life was a musical and people on the street would break into song and a choreographed dance routine at random moments in my life. I have images of random people leaping forward in matching attire and suddenly moving in time to my personal soundtrack.

There are times I feel dreamy and I can hear the music playing in the background. Around me, I imagine ballerinas in white tutus twirling about gracefully. The music floats on the air. Something like Laura by Bat for Lashes plays. It starts to rain as I walk down the street. Graceful ballerinas are jumping on park benches at bus stops, the rain dripping down their faces.

Other days I feel happy. I imagine a cute and quirky song playing, like 1, 2, 3, 4 by Feist. Girls in brightly coloured 1950s style dresses start to dance happily. They are accompanied by guys in suits that match their dresses. As I wait in the queue at the supermarket, someone cartwheels in front of us. All the check-out registers click in time. As the bells ding, the lights above the registers go on.

Some days I it needs to be cheesier. I want Abba’s Dancing Queen. As I enter a bar, glitter falls from the ceiling. Everyone is dressed in lycra and covered in sequins. A mirror ball spins from the roof. Arms are flying high in the air and the room is full of electricity. Someone puts a tiara on me and I am lifted to a podium in the middle of the room.

Then there are days when things aren’t going my way. My partner and I are arguing at the café. Suddenly Pat Benetar‘s Love is a Battlefield is playing. All the girls in the establishment get up and start pointing fingers and shimmying their shoulders at the men. 1980s prom dressesand lace gloves are essential.

Then there are my romantic and playful days. I can hear Imelda May‘s Inside Out plays. I am suddenly dressed in a sleek black wiggle dress, with bright red lipstick and a great rockabilly hairdo (sudden costume changes are nothing extraordinary in musicals). Men in black suits click their fingers as I prance playfully to the beat.

As you can tell, my life’s soundtrack is a little cheesy. I like all kinds of music but when I am imagining people breaking out into choreographed routines, it is usually to pop songs. I would love for it to happen one day.


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