Ready for School

My son had his first transition session for school today. He was so excited. He was bouncing around in the car while we took his younger brother to crèche.

When we got to the school, he darted off to the Lego. He was straight into it. Not bothered at all by the new surroundings. The excitement was just too much for him.

I sat with him a little as he built a house out of Lego. The teacher came over to introduce himself. He proudly told her his name and announced that he was going to be at school next year.

After a few minutes, the principal asked for parents to leave. We were to attend an information session. My son looked a little daunted as I told him I was going. I suggested he stay with the other little boy at the table. He just shrugged as I walked off.

After the routine housekeeping information I wandered past the classroom. Through the window I could see him participating in some group activity. He was encouraging another child to participate.

I headed home. Reaching the door I felt rather odd. I am quite used to being home without children. I work from home and my daily routine consists of dropping them off at crèche and returning to get stuck into work. This was different though. It hit me that he had reached a new milestone. He wasn’t a baby anymore. He was my big schoolboy.

Although my son was a head taller than the other new preps, the older children at the school looked so big. It is a prep to 12 college and there were highschool students at the office. They looked huge.

After a coffee at home I tried to do some work to take my mind off it. Every 2 seconds I looked at the clock, eagerly anticipating the time to collect him.

I was back at the school well before the pick up time. I stood on the steps and peered through the window. He was sitting alone, deeply entranced in constructing a race car. I watched him as he left his car to play musical instruments with his new friends. They then had a group song before the session ended.

When he walked out, he was beaming. He showed me the bookmark he made and asked if he could eat his lunch out of a lunchbox today like the school kids do. He even asked if he could go back tomorrow and seemed genuinely disappointed that he couldn’t.

He is definitely ready for school. I’m just not sure that I am.


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