I wish I were Mary Poppins

I wish I were Mary Poppins. I have many reasons.

There was a time when being Mary Poppins wasn’t cool. If someone told me of a desire to be Mary Poppins, I would think them mad. Afterall, she was an arrogant do-gooder who interfered in ways that are simply over the top.

Mary Poppins (character)

Mary Poppins (character) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yet I wish I were Mary Poppins. If I were Mary, I’d have children that respected me and listened to my commands. Instead of answering back and throwing tantrums, my children would sing and dance, happy to take medicine and clean their room. I would not face the challenge of stubborn insubordination. If I were Mary, my children would hang on my every word.

If I were Mary, I would fly. I would not have my feet always planted on the ground. I would float up chimneys and dance on rooftops. I would have no need for a car as my umbrella would get me where I need go. If I were Mary, I’d float through the sky like a helium balloon escaped from a children’s birthday party.

If I were Mary I would not lose keys in my handbag. I would not need to pack an entire suitcase for a trip to the shopping centre. Instead of a nappy bag, handbag and shopping bags, I would simply carry my carpet-bag. If I were Mary, I would travel light. A simple carpet-bag would be enough to furnish any room I visited.

If I were Mary, I’d escape this life by drawing my heart’s desires. A simple illustration would take me to tulip fields, scenic mountains or picnics withe delightful animals. I would draw my happy place and simply jump in. When life got tough and bills piled up, I would draw a peaceful beach setting on the pavement and jump to an afternoon of cool sea breezes.

I wish I were Mary Poppins. Life is a jolly holiday with Mary…

Note: This is my attempt for this week’s Daily Post Writing Challenge. It is my first attempt at the subjunctive mood. Hopefully I got it right. Let me know if I didn’t so I can correct it. I like to learn and this will help. For more information about the challenge see http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/weekly-writing-challenge-i-wish-i-were/.


10 thoughts on “I wish I were Mary Poppins

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  2. Hi, what a great Post. I think If there were more Mary Poppins around, shopping and dining out would be a whole lot more enjoyable and a stop at Walmart wouldn’t be like spoon full of Buckley’s. Thanks so much for the Link!

  3. Beautifully done! Your subjunctive mood goal (also called ‘verb mood’) using subordinate clauses to express various states of unreality … wish, emotion, possibility, judgment, opinion, necessity, etc. really HIT THE MARK.

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