Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

I love creating. For me, it is all about the process rather than the completed creation. You have no idea how many paintings, paper crafts or little stuffed animals have ended up in the rubbish.

I particularly love creating with others. In my younger years, I spent many a drunken evening finger-painting with friends. We would lay large pieces of butchers paper on the floor and, with red wine in hand, spend hours losing ourselves in the feeling of the paint. The end result was usually rather comical.

The photographs I’ve chosen for this challenge are of paintings that I worked on with my grandmother. Nanna is a wonderful artist. Her work is just beautiful. She will spend days painstakingly completing a beautiful scene, with such amazing attention to the fine details. I don’t have the patience to work like she does.

On the day we painted these, I showed her how I work. She was so surprised at my lack of planning and ability to paint something from memory, without any visual cues to copy. What most amazed her was that I just went with the flow. When she asked me where to start, my comment was “I’m feeling this one will have a red background”. She then asked me what it was going to be. My response, “I don’t know yet”. This was so strange for her.

On that day we both taught each other something. She showed me various techniques and skills. With no formal training, these were a great learning point for me. I taught her to lose yourself in the moment and not stress about the end result.

The paintings we came up with were to be the start of a children’s book. Hope you like them.

Remember to join the fun and share your “create” photos. See http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/weekly-photo-challenge-create/ for details.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

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  2. these are great…but what I love is what you shared in these moments with your Grandma. I only knew one of mine, and not well or for long. It is something I have always felt I missed.

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