Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Better late than never! The official photo challenge has been announced. For the theme blue, I have chosen these 2 pictures. One is of the surface of a pool and the other of an old tractor in a museum. They are very different but both very blue.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

  1. first off, thank you for a pingback on my “hands” post! I love pingbacks, and get very excited when I see one!
    second, your blog is great! I started with your hands entry (naturally) and bounced around! In the interest of time, I hope you don’t mind one comment on everything here!
    On this “blue” page, I adore the tractor sign…vintage rocks!!!
    On WOW volunteering, WOW!!!! great program! Where I live there are tons of elderly and I would love helping them out as you do!. Will check if we have a local chapter.
    On “sparkle,” even on days you feel it’s missing, I’m sure others see it in you. Heck,, I see you sparkling bright just from these few posts!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. If there is no WOW chapter in your area, I am sure that Carolyn from our library would be very happy to pass on all the details and help you get one started. I’d be more than happy to help too if needed. It is a fantastic program. And we were very excited to receive a Highly Commended at our council volunteers awards night the other week.

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