Where is My Sparkle?

Lately I have been feeling like I’ve lost my sparkle. Some days it feels like the world has gone flat.

Everyday I am growing and expanding. My life is improving and I am finding more and more time to do the things that I enjoy.

So why don’t I feel shiny anymore? I used to feel vibrant and full of life. Now, with 2 children and endless demands for my attention, I feel lost in responsibilities.

What makes us sparkle anyway? For me, it is being around people who emanate life. I love vibrant and colourful people who always have fun, no matter what the circumstances.

Now the only people I seem to find are battling their way through supermarket aisles, fighting for car parking spaces or arguing with teachers about the attention their children are getting.

I wonder if I am being too optimistic. Am I trying to find a television or movie moment that doesn’t exist in real life?

I think I sparkled before. I used to feel so free. I loved having spontaneity and going with the flow.

Perhaps I just need o find a better hobby where I can meet other people like me.

That is, if there are people like me.


4 thoughts on “Where is My Sparkle?

  1. Oh, Sweetie…there are lots like you!…Been there …done that…as they say…I say it’s time for Mommy to think of just her!…hard to do isn’t it?…but, just work in an hour or two every other day that you do something YOU like…I asure you it’s not being selfish…and you will be better for yourself and those around you!… Just had to comment…~mkg

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