Ready, Aim, Fire! Big Boys Stand Up to Pee

My son is a big boy now, or so he tells me. Being a big boy, he has decided that he should no longer sit on the toilet to pee.

Big boys stand up,” he says.

I am so proud of the way he is growing. I love watching him develop and try new things. I smile every time he reaches new heights.

But I was much happier when he sat down to wee.

Big boys may stand up, but I guess you have to be much bigger to have good aim. Each time I visit the toilet, I am now confronted with a puddle of wee on the floor around the toilet.

I have heard that one method is to put a ball in the toilet and get them to try to aim for it. I’m not sure that I like the idea of getting the ball out after each attempt though.

I certainly don’t want to discourage him from standing up to wee. It took us a long time to get him to do so.

He was quite easy to toilet train. We didn’t start until he was a little over two so he was very ready. We had him fully trained in a week. He got the concept within a day or two and has had only a few minor accidents since.

Nighttime is a bit of a different story though. He still struggles to hold it all night.

But for a long time he just would not pee standing up.

One stressful car trip to the country ended in disaster because he wouldn’t pee standing up. He was only just 3 at the time. We were nearly at our destination when my son started jiggling around in his car seat.

“Mum, I have to do wee wees,” he said desperately.

“Just hold it for a few minutes sweetie,” I replied glancing cautiously sideways to see the look of annoyance on my partners face.

As his jiggling got more and more agitated and his little face tightened into a pained grimace, we decided it was time to pullover.

Finding a rest area on the side of the road, we raced to get him out of the car. It was a frantic dash to unbuckle seatbelts, put shoes back on, remove mountains of toys and food from his lap and get him to the grass area.

“Mummy, where is my potty?” he asked.

“There isn’t any potty here. You will have to be a big boy and stand up.”

We tried everything. Different locations, holding him, pants fully off, hovering him above the ground, even a quick demonstration of how it was done. It was all to no avail. He simply refused to go.

Being only 10 minutes from a public toilet block, we piled everyone (and everything) back into the car and began the race to the loo.

We had only got 2 minutes from where we had stopped when his hold gave way. You can imagine how thrilled his father was!

In the interest of avoiding any further such incidents, I am pleased that he now can stand up to pee. I am just not thrilled with his lack of aim.

I want to teach him careful aim. Not enough to write his name on the ground, but at least enough to get it in the toilet bowl!

If anyone has any good ideas, please let me know!




12 thoughts on “Ready, Aim, Fire! Big Boys Stand Up to Pee

  1. ahhh the potty training days while traveling. lol. my little boy has been poty trained for 2 years now and its still frustrating at times. they never have to go IN the house, but as soon as they are buckled in, with their happy meals ontheir laps and under a mountian of toys, blankets, whatever, they then, have to go. why is this? i dont know. that is why I still, to this day carry a little pink potty chair in the van with us . it never leaves the vanlol. it is like a charter bus, only, well smaller, and there are more french fries covering the floor. hahahha. ANYHOW- i can only hope it gets easier as they get older. lol.

  2. I cracked up laughing after reading your comment. They say the funniest things don’t they! As much as I hope it will get better, I am also going to miss these times once they have passed.

  3. I feel your pain having raised three sons and dealing with countless puddles and dribbles. Talking about “just hold it,” we were in the car with the boys and our middle son had to go potty really bad. He was probably around three. After much fussing, his dad finally said, “Son you are going to have to just hold it,” to which my oldest son in his five year old wisdom said, “I just hold my penis when he says that.”

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