I Am Woman, Hear Me Fart!

One of my male friends posted a comment today on Facebook that read:

Women shouldn’t fart whilst with their man.

My immediate response was if it is good for the goose, its good for the gander!

So why is it ok for men to let one rip but not for women. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to drop a loud one in public. However, in the privacy of your own home it is much better to let it out! Afterall, men have no problems letting theirs out.

Are we really still at the point of thinking of women as delicate flowers? Frail but beautiful objects whose beauty separates them from normal bodily functions.

One of the replies to my friend’s comment was:

Girls don’t fart. They do winkie puffs that don’t smell.

While I love this comment, I have to wonder. Why don’t girls fart? We would never have this discussion about men farting. No one would ever say that men do winkie puffs.

It is quite acceptable for a man to fart in the privacy of his own home (and occasionally in public, particularly in the company of other men). It is ok for men to belch, leave the toilet seat up, snort, sniff, snore and stick their fingers in various orifices. This is all disgusting, yet totally acceptable behaviour for a man.

For a woman, it is taboo. Women don’t belch. Women don’t snort or snore. Of course not, women don’t even need to go to the toilet!

And when we do it smells like roses!

I find it mind boggling that as a woman I am expected to hold gas in my stomach until I feel sick. I am supposed to ignore all of natures gifts of sounds and smells.

Well you can stick that up your you know what. I will do my best for the courtesy of others to contain myself in public. At home though, you can expect me to belch and fart loudly and proudly. I am no different to the boys of my house (which is everyone else) and have the same rights as them. That means I can let them rip and stink up a storm. And if they don’t like it, they can cook their own dinner!


11 thoughts on “I Am Woman, Hear Me Fart!

  1. Women should absolutely feel free to fart!…But if they do they should realize there are consequences (it drops their sex appeal to rock bottom). Sorry “ladies”, fair or not that’s just the way life is.

    • I agree that there is nothing sexy about farting…. But it goes for men too. Us ladies are not turned on by men farting just as men do not find it attractive in us. It is about comfort. It isn’t sexy..

  2. That had my husband and I roaring. My husband’s comment to your post; “That’s a woman after your own fart.”

    Having been raised with a three extremely body-noisy brothers then raising three sons who loved nothing more than to make me cringe in that department (I tried to raise gentlemen), I had to develop some self-defense combat strategies of my own on the home front.

    At any rate, it was a delightfully odiferous post (now didn’t that sound feminine)?

    P.S. Sometimes it’s just funny when I fart and so I laugh – even if no one hears it.

  3. Great post! Totally agreed. It’s always been for me sort of annoying that lot of women for this or other reason pretended have nothing to do with all that physical activities you’ve described. Is there something wrong in being human?

    On the other hand not every man belches, farts etc. freely and all the time. I don’t think it’s an acceptable behaviour for a men also. But it’s true that men don’t care as much about it as women do.

    Anyway, keep farting:-)

    PS My wife belches and I leave the toilet seat down. Full harmony.

  4. Just because something is gender differentiated, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

    Most women wouldn’t be attracted to men who wore a tight skimpy bikini, even though men would be attracted to women who did that. We’re just past valentines, the time of the year when men have to do all sorts of crap for their women and they don’t have to do anything back, so it’s hardly unusual.

    Likewise, you can fart, just men will find you less sexually attractive.

    • Interesting isn’t it!?! The Borat mankini did prove that a skimpy bikini is not attractive on a man. However, I can’t say a man farting is sexually attractive or appealing in any sense. When my partner lets one rip it doesn’t turn me on. So I guess I would argue that some things are not attractive in either sex. There is no glamour to be found in farting. Therefore, if they believe it is ok for them to be comfortable at home, then I think it should be ok for me too.

      • Yes, Borat was quite unattractive.

        While farting isn’t directly sexually attractive, a lot of women enjoy being with rude men who do what they want and who are confident enough to do what they want. Bad boys. The randomness and drama is exciting for a lot of women. And generally I find that men view farting as very unattractive, while women tend to not mind.

        This is all a very practical matter. If you believe it’s ok to fart in front of your man, you can fart in front of him while seducing him and see if it helps or hurts your cause. And he can do the same.

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