10 Philosophies I want my Children to Live by

There are so many things you want to teach your children. It is hard to sum it all up in a few key points. So rather than capture every moral and idea I want to pass on to my children, I have decided to investigate the core elements of them all. Afterall, there are quite distinct central themes that run through all of your ideals.

Every time you scream “Put that down!” or “No you can’t!” you are attempting to instill some kind of value or philosophy on the child. Although it may not be directly pointed out, you are essentially shaping them towards some ideal or belief.

I am sure that each parent has their own philosophies in life and these are what they are attempting to pass on to their children. I would believe that although these would differ, there would be some similarities.

These are the philosophies I want my children to live by.

1. Try – Don’t give up on life when it seems too hard. When things get tough, stop and rethink it. There is normally another way to get there. You will never succeed if you stop whenever life gets difficult.

2. Your best is good enough  – It will always be good enough for me. You do not need to be an expert or prodigy in everything you attempt. There is likely that someone exists who can do things better. When you give something your all, you have succeeded. Take pride in the work that you do and the things your achieve. Judge them based on your own performance, not the performances of others.

3. Be yourself – You are you. You are fabulous just the way you are. Whilst you have to compromise on the day to day aspects of life, don’t ever compromise on who you really are. Don’t try to be something you are not.

4. Love – Don’t be afraid of your feelings. Open your heart and let others in. You will get hurt, but that is ok. There is so much to gain by loving and being loved.

5. No one has the right to judge – Nobody is perfect. Others will judge you and try to push their ideals on you. They are no different to you. They laugh and cry and feel pain just as you do. They have made mistakes and they have been hurt. The “right way” is what you believe it is. There is no certainty. Follow your heart and what is right for you.

6. Find the joy in what you doLook for the good in things and people. There is good in all things, even the worst situations. Focusing on negatives will only make you feel miserable. Find the joy and build on it.

7. It’s ok to cry – We have to feel sad to know what happiness is. Big boys do cry. Never be afraid of expressing how you feel.

8. You are special – You may not be famous. You may not be popular. Your name may not live on in history books. So what! You are still special. You are unique and you are beautiful. Your presence affects those around you and you bring joy to the lives of your friends and family.

9. You are never alone – There will be times that you feel you are alone in the world. You will feel isolated and ostracised. Remember that you are never alone. You have a family that loves you and will support you through all the challenges you face.

10. Be adventurous – Try new things. See the world. Open your eyes. Take risks and be happy.

I love both my boys very much. I know that life will be hard at times, but I hope that they will take these philosophies and find a path that suits them.


9 thoughts on “10 Philosophies I want my Children to Live by

  1. These are some great philosophies we should ALL strive to live by! Especially in the crazy world we live in today, i can only hope our future generations will keep these ideals at heart.

  2. I tried really hard to find one you might have missed, but you actually covered it in 10 points. I always find it fun that we break things down to a list of 10. Even the 10 commandments. If we’d evolved with 12 fingers, would we have 12 commandments or would you have found 12 philosophies? Anyway, good post.

    • Thank you! What an interesting idea! Maybe I would have found 12. Although, I must admit I didn’t really plan how many I was going to have in advance. I just got to 10 and couldn’t think of any more.

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